About Us

Meet the hosts of your favorite podcast The Closet Geek.


Barry Ricks is a life long Geek. He does so many different things, from D&D to playing sports. He has an awesome family with a loving wife and four wonderful kids. He just wants to be able to Geek out with some fellow Geeks.

Barry’s favorite things about the Geeky world are games (Video and TableTop) and movies. Don’t get him wrong, he loves it all, but those he loves the most. He loves to be able to get his game on when he has the time with family and work also on his plate. He loves TableTop games, from D&D to Magic the Gathering and epic boardgames.  He enjoys playing and meeting new people that share that interest with him.

Barry wants to continue expanding his geekyness in new ways, so with this podcast he hopes to do so.


His gaming enthusiasm began early when his Dad brought home an Atari 2600. He loved blowing up his little brother’s tanks in “Combat”. He was raised on Star Wars, Star Trek, comic books and all things sci-fi/fantasy. After discovering D&D for himself at the age of 12, he enjoyed adding his brothers to the adventure as they “came of age”. As the oldest brother it was up to him to make sure that his younger brothers were indoctrinated early. John is now primarily a husband and father, and has loved making sure his children understand that Episode IV was first. He loves all things Japanese: anime, samurai movies, and his Playstation. His Facebook news feed has more posts from his plethora of geeky interests than friend updates. All in all he is a guy who loves his wife and his kids and when the time allows, his PC.


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Ryan is a self proclaimed ‘Jack of all Trades’. He has been a teacher, a therapist, a soldier, a technician, an artist, and a stay-at-home-dad! That last one is his favorite. Being home with his kids also allows him to pursue all things geek, most prominently replica props and costumes!

Ryan has enjoyed being apart of the geeky universe and loves to remember late Saturday nights playing D&D with his brothers and friends. After studying art at college Ryan fell in love with making props and all things cosplay. Being plugged into the latest cosplay pop culture is one of his favorite pastimes (he calls it “research”) and will be covering cosplay and prop news in the podcast. If you want to check out his art go to https://www.facebook.com/Chewiechanga



Michael has always been a geek, and for that matter always will be. From early ages Michael has always loved Role Playing Games of all types and genres. Whether it be traditional table top, live action, PC, console, or board. Michael is also is a Historical European Martial Artist Instructor, an Opera Choral Singer, Medical Director, Cosplayer, LARPer, Final Fantasy, and Anime Otaku. Safe to say Michael stays busy.

Michael always enjoys the adage “Jack-of-all-trades Master of none”.