Sweet Kicks with Bricks 96: Wizard of Legend

On this episode of Sweet Kicks with Bricks, Barry talks with Dahoon and Bundy about the Kickstarter Wizard of Legend.

Go Back Wizard of Legend NOW!

Wizard of Legend Website



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The Clown Car 72: Dealing with Neighborhood Kids

Welcome to The Clown Car, the crazy parenting journey where two parents talk about how they, and you, can survive your own personal circus.

Here’s what happened this week:

Magical Family Moment, #PeeFaceMom, Snails on my toilet, Take that 97 other children, and more on this episode of The Clown Car.

Neighborhood Kids, Neighborhood Boundaries


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Breaking Rumors 6: The Future of Consoles?

On Today’s Commute: I talk about the possible future of consoles and what it might means for us as gamers.


Website coming soon for Breaking Rumors.

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The Closet Geek 123: E3 Talk

This week on The Closet Geek:

Watching E3 in a theater, Geeky Books, Making D&D characters, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Overwatch, Loot Crate. All this and more and this episode of The Closet Geek


10 Cloverfield Lane (click link to buy it)

Nonstop Knight (mobile game)

Rory’s Story Cubes (click link to buy it)


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by Barry, John, Ryan, and Michael Ricks “The Four Horsemen of Geek”

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